Cloud Onesales POS System

Cloud OneSales POS provide a complete solution for businesses. The POS system simplifies retail transactions. Cloud Onesales POS seamlessly integrate with Autocount Cloud Accounting.

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What is Point Of Sales (POS)?​

POS stands for Point of Sale. It refers to the place and time where a retail transaction is completed. This can be a physical location like a checkout counter in a store or a virtual platform like an online store's shopping cart. POS systems are used to process sales transactions, manage inventory, track customer data, and generate reports for business analysis.

Main Features In Onesales POS

Cloud POS system

This POS system is cloud-based software, and it can operate efficiently even on a medium-performance device.

Automatic Update

Since the system is cloud-based software, every time you log in, it runs on the latest version with automatic updates.

User Friendly

The system is user friendly easy to use. With proper user interface and automate calculation.

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The problems that business facing.

Doing Sales by Hand

Businesses used to write down sales by hand, which led to mistakes in counting money, managing products, and making customers wait longer to pay.

Keeping Track of Stuff

Figuring out how much stuff they had in stock was hard. Sometimes they didn't have enough of something (stockouts), or they had too much (overstocking), and it was tough to see what customers liked buying.

Customer Info Mess

Businesses struggled to keep track of customer details like names and what they liked to buy. This made it tricky to offer good service, know what customers wanted, and do marketing right.

Pricing and package for Onesales POS



/ counter/month
  • No. Of Onesales User
    ​✅​1 User (Additional OneSales User RM20 / user / month)
  • Purchase Module
    ✅​​Purchase order, Purchase Invoice, Purchase Return
    ✅Printing Of Purchase Document
    ✅Purchase Report (Monthly Purchase Analysis)
  • Inventory Control
    ✅​​Track Inventory
    ✅Track Product Variant
    ✅Product Inquiry
    ✅Product Profit Margin
    ✅Multi Location
  • Sales Module
    ✅Sales Invoice
    ✅Sales Credit Note - Excluded (Need to signed up cloud accounting)